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Fighting Disinformation Online

Boosting people's resilience against online manipulation

In today's digital age, we are constantly surrounded by free-flowing information, instant messaging and online interactions. In an ever-connected online world, it's essential that people and organizations can protect themselves from online manipulation.

Tilt is an innovator in information resilience. They create inspiring, imaginative experiences that boost people's resilience against online manipulation. The solution to disinformation is not so much about fact-checking, but about building peoples’ skills and resilience. Tilt specializes in innovative products and services that help people recognize (and deal with) online manipulation more effectively, with less effort. Their serious games let players experiment with disinformation, and in the process they learn how to spot major disinformation tactics.

Their insights are based on data analysis and reports on topics, trends and threats in online spaces. In collaboration with Tilt, I conduct research on topics such as disinformation, innoculation theory and radicalization, and how behavioural science can contribute to fighting online manipulation. The articles about these insights can be found here.

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