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Applying behavioural science to make 
societal impact.

Roos van Duijnhoven Freelancer Behavioural Scientist

This is me

I'm a behavioural scientist with a background in behaviour change and neuropsychology. I apply this knowledge in the creation of (digital) behaviour change solutions that address societal challenges. I have experience with applying behavioural science across diverse sectors — from cyber resilience and digital literacy to mental health and habit formation. My goal is to have a lasting and positive impact on society — one behavioral step at a time.

Behavioural Design Research

Behavioural Mapping Public Speaking

 Behavioural Audits Choice Architecture 

Communication Strategic Advice  

Change Management Training

Designing interventions to improve
decision making.

To change behaviour, we first need to understand why people do what they do. Are people making decisions on autopilot or do they follow a rational decision-making process? Or do cognitive biases lead to irrational behaviours?

Changing behaviour can be hard – especially with today’s increasingly complex issues. Unfolding the root causes of behaviour provides starting points for how behaviour can be steered to more desirable outcomes for people and society. I aim at making a positive change by translating scientific behavioural insights into real-world applications. By designing innovative, human-centered solutions for societal issues, I aim to impact our society in a positive way, one behavioral step at a time.

One-size-fits-all solutions are not in my playbook. I like to delve into various topics, contexts and behaviours to design innovative solutions and behavioural interventions for each challenge. I also provide consultation on how business can apply behavioural science in their own work processes, by helping them with innovative ideation, strategy and making sense of behavioural data. 

Want to know more about me, what I do or what working together would look like?

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Nuance is a behavioural science collective focused on digital behaviour change and product design. We help organizations harness the best of behavioural science in tech, to achieve positive behaviour change in the world, at scale.



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