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Africa Eco Research Reports (AFRICER)

Examining the impact of single-use plastic bans on behaviour to develop effective management strategies

In recent years, the UN environment program focused on the need to transition into a green economy with low carbon, resource efficiency, and social inclusiveness. The walkway designed to achieve the green economy involves the private and public sectors’ formulation of policies to reduce carbon emission and pollution and invest in infrastructural and asset developments to boost economic activities, conserve biodiversity, and improve ecosystem services worldwide. According to a UNDP report “Climate change adaptation in Africa” in 2018, Africa is at the tipping point of the impact of climate change. Moreover, this is a threat to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Paris Agreement.

This led to the start of the AFRICER project. Initiated by Eco Amet Solutions, a collaboration between independent researchers with expertise in different aspects of environmental sustainability. More specifically, this research project aims to examine:

1) the impact of Rwanda’s single-use plastic ban on public attitudes and behaviours, and

2) to create a template for the development and implementation of single-use plastics policies and effective management strategies, within the African context.

For more information on the project, see:

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