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Mind the SCAM - A White Paper

Outsmarting Scammers: Insights from Behavioural Science

Our growing dependence on technology in both our personal and professional lives exposes us to a wide range of cyber threats. This increased vulnerability calls for a proactive approach to protect ourselves against these risks. In this white paper, we delve into the realm of behavioural science and its significant role in establishing a robust defence against scammers, particularly in light of recent advancements in artificial intelligence that enable sophisticated impersonation techniques, such as spoofing numbers and voices.

Within the paper, we explore the potential of behavioural science to counteract these threats. It encompasses a scientific review, drawing attention to cybersecurity warnings and strategies to enhance their effectiveness. Additionally, the importance of cultivating a cybersecure culture within organizations is emphasized.

By fostering collective immunity and nurturing a culture of cybersecurity, we can strengthen our ability to "outsmart scammers," not only in our everyday lives but also within organizational settings. This paper aims to provide valuable insights and practical recommendations for individuals and businesses seeking to strengthen their defences against cyber threats.

This was a collaboration with BVA Nudge Consulting in APAC. The white paper can be found here.

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