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Professional Summary

By bridging the gap between scientific evidence and application in the real-worId, I aim at contributing to a positive societal change. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all-solution. I enjoy the challenge of delving into different topics, contexts and behaviours to find innovative solutions for each individual challenge. Positive change can be achieved by researching each issue carefully and using creative thinking to design, test and implement behavioural interventions. In need of a fresh pair of eyes? I also advise businesses on identifying bottlenecks and possible solutions, on how to apply behavioural science in their work processes, (re)formulating strategies or making sense of behavioural data.

Work Experience

05.2023 - present

Behavioural Scientist & Co-Founder | Nuance Behavior

Nuance is a behavioural science collective enabling organizations to harness the best of behavioural science in tech, to achieve positive behavior change in the world, at scale. 

For more info, check:

03.2023 - present

Behavioural Scientist | Behaviour & Beyond

Behaviour & Beyond supports organisations in applying behavioural insights in their systems and daily practice. The goal is to enable companies and organisations to successfully use behavioural knowledge independently to achieve lasting business and societal impact.

07.2022 - present 

Independent Behavioural Scientist | Roos van Duijnhoven

My goal is to contribute to the world in a positive way by designing innovative, human-centered solutions for societal issues. By translating scientific behavioural insights into real-world applications, I aim at making a positive impact across different environments

08.2022 - 10.2023

Behavioural Scientist | Salzer Behavioral Strategy & Consulting

At Salzer Behavioral Strategy & Consulting we applying insights from behavioral science to achieve (digital) behavior change and habit formation. We advise organizations on how they can improve their products and services by using the latest behavioral design tools and insights.

12.2021 - 05.2022

Behavioural Scientist | Open Now

Open Now is an advertising agency that strives to make an impact with creative campaigns based on behavioral science. During my time here, I performed market analyses and behavioural analyses that formed the base for the design and creation of campaigns.

09.2021 - 05.2022

Consultant Cyber Resilience | De Volksbank

My job within the Cyber Resilience Team was to study cybersecurity, cyber awareness and cyber resilience, and more specifically, how human behaviour can contribute to lowering the threat of cybercrime. We used psychological insights to develop training programs, educational games and campaigns to improve cyber resilience of both clients and employees.

02.2021 - 09.2021

Cyber Resilience & Behaviour Lab Intern | De Volksbank

Cybercrime is in behaviour, not just in technical knowledge. This intersection of cyber security and psychology was the focus of my master’s thesis. How can you help people to recognize cyber criminals' manipulation techniques and how can you make people more resilient? I developed and tested a behavioural intervention to increase cyber resilience of clients and thereby prevent them from being recruited as a money mule. This intervention proved to be effective in decreasing the clients' risky behaviour and thus their likelihood of (unwillingly) becoming a money mule. For more information about this project, click here. Besides my work on cybercrime, I organised in-house lectures and workshops about psychological insight applicable for the financial sector.

08.2021 - 01.2022

Project Assistant | Dijksterhuis & Van Baaren (D&B)

D&B is a behaviour change agency where I took on executive activities for behaviour change projects and measuring the effectiveness of interventions, such as observing behaviour, conducting interviews, etc.

08.2017 - 08.2021

Consultant Subsidies & Funding | W&B Consultants

As a consultant at a subsidy- and project consultancy agency, we screened for financial possibilities and helped clients with funding their projects by advising and supporting the development of project plans and required documentation for subsidy applications.

Academical Background


MSc Brain & Cognition in Society | University of Amsterdam

This master’s focused on the translation of neuropsychological empirical findings into practical advice for solving societal issues. I worked on a project to increase wellbeing of and engagement with freelance employees in talent pools and I executed a literature study on how to increase attention and engagement with online communication.


MSc Behaviour Change | Radboud University Nijmegen

This master’s focused on psychological drivers of human behaviour and how those drivers can be used to design, develop, execute and test interventions for behaviour change. My main project aimed at increasing cyber resilience of bank clients.


Warsaw International Studies in Psychology (WISP) | Uniwersytet Warszawski

Erasmus+ project, with courses in Political Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Emotional Design & Design Thinking, Evolutionary Psychology, Social Dilemmas & Justice.


BSc Psychology | Radboud University Nijmegen

During my bachelor's, I specialized in social psychology, behaviour and environment. For my thesis I studied psychological predictors of sedentary behaviour.

Prizes & Certificates


Designing for Environmental Sustainability and Social Impact | Acumen Academy

Tackling environmental challenges with concepts like systems thinking, circular design, behaviour change, and natural capital, as well as designing products and services that contribute to a circular economy.


Storytelling for Change | Acumen Academy

Using established storytelling techniques to inspire behaviour change and social impact.


Applied Behavioral Science training |

Training on applying behavioural science in organisations, while using behavior as outcome, science as process.


Science in Practice Awards (SIPA), 2nd place | Radboud University Nijmegen

My thesis on money mules got awarded with the 2nd place at the Science in Practice Awards 2021. The SIPA is awarded to the best thesis of the academical year, based on contribution to society, creativity and quality of writing.


Fundamentals of Neuroscience | Harvard University

A three-course program online course based on neurobiology courses taught at Harvard.

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