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Closing the Gender Gap: Women and Investing

Informing a campaign to empower women and tackle gender inequalities in investing

This project aimed to tackle gender inequalities in investing by empowering women. Through in-depth behavioural research, we gained valuable behavioural insights into the obstacles women encounter when making investment choices, as well as identifying their areas of strength. To assist women in overcoming these challenges and boosting their strengths, we provided guidance in creating a campaign that emphasizes financial literacy and women empowerment. The primary goal of this campaign was to foster women's engagement in financial markets by offering growth opportunities and support.

In addition, we helped with setting up experimental conditions to test different versions of the campaign's communication materials. This involved fine-tuning the messaging and visual elements to resonate with the target audience. By testing and refining, we ensured that the campaign's communication material would have the greatest impact in conveying the right message to the right target audience.

This was a Behaviour & Beyond project.

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