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Behavioural Insights in Teaching English (BIiTE)

Applying behavioural insights to improve adult language education (Erasmus+ project)

As (language) educatiors, it's essential to understand the motivations of your students. That's why the BIiTE project has been developed. BIiTE aims to improve the way language teachers, trainer, and managers interact with their colleagues and students. The project is centered around providing a database of digital resources that helps educators understand the motivations and barriers of their students better. These resources leverage insights from behavioural science to empower language teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to meet the needs of their students and work together more effectively. This in turn will result in improved enjoyment, motivation and learning outcomes.

By doing so, BIiTE helps with creating a more engaging, effective, and rewarding learning environment for both teachers and students, from different backgrounds.

More information will follow soon.

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